Commercial Review: Zazoo Condoms

This is a clever commercial for the Dutch brand Zazoo condoms. This clip starts off with a child in the foreground, grabbing a bag of junk food from a shelf on the left and placing it into his father’s shopping cart, which is located behind him.  The shot then switches to the face of the young boy located in the foreground, with shelves of junk food in the background, as you see just the father’s arm take the bag form the cart and place it back on the shelf. The camera stays on the child’s now agitated face as he grabs the bag from the shelf yet again, and places it back into the cart for a second time. It then switches angles to show the father, clearly annoyed, putting the bag back on the shelf. The camera then goes for an extreme close-up of the child’s face as he begins to scream, cry and yell for his “sweeties.” The camera then shows three separate shots of the child screaming with different inflections and then moves to the father who sighs helplessly. The child then proceeds to throw a temper tantrum, tearing various food items from the shelves and kicking and screaming on the ground as customers look on disapprovingly. It then moves to the father’s frustrated face and displays in white text at the bottom of the screen, “Use Condoms.”

The tagline is the best part of this commercial. There are not many visual techniques utilized in this commercial, but there is a lot of close up camera shots of the child’s face, father’s face and onlooker’s faces. This is done to show the characters various emotions of frustration, helplessness, anger and disapproval. There are also a lot of short clips of the child’s tantrum put together in a montage, which works to intensify the temper tantrum.


~ by lr0676a on March 31, 2009.

One Response to “Commercial Review: Zazoo Condoms”

  1. I almost used this same ad. It is very good, making u think twice about wearing a condom.The child actor was very funny! When he gets on the floor and cries it was pretty funny. I wish they would make this ad in English, because this country could use an ad like this.

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