Music Video Review: Gojira-Love

Gojira is a French, death metal band formerly known as Godzilla. The majority of Gojira’s videos are dark and ominous. They did not break this trend with their video for the song “love.” It is entirely in black and white and quite grainy throughout with very shaky cinematography. Gojira uses elapsed time techniques with many shots of a stationary person or object, where only the clouds and shadows are shown rapidly moving in the background.

Gojira also utilizes close up perspectives of the lead singers face throughout the video. The elapsed time techniques create a strobe light effect on his features, which makes it look like he is changing expressions ridiculously fast. This video is also marked by very frantic scene changes. At first the individual scenes last longer, but as the video progresses the scenes change more frantically. Within the last thirty seconds of this video, one sees about twenty location changes. The undeniably dark and morbid theme of this video reflects Gojira’s song content and style.


~ by lr0676a on March 24, 2009.

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