Photographer Review: Frans Lanting

Frans Lanting is a California based wildlife photographer, who just recently in 2008, won photographer of the year from the Photoimaging Manufacturers and Distributors Association. Lanting came from the Netherlands to the United States after he completed his formal education. Him and his wife Chris work closely together on Nature Photography books. Looking at Lanting’s photographs, it seems as though he has taken a picture of almost every species of animal that exists on the seven continents. Most of his work is featured in National Geographic magazine.

Lanting’s biggest strength is his ability to capture wildlife at the most opportune, intimate moments. The photograph shown above of the polar bears dancing illustrates this strength most perfectly. Browsing through his collection of stock photos, there are also many instances in which he captures dangerous animals in a very close proximity.

Although there are lots of nature photographers, Lanting’s work stands out among the rest due to his interesting use of reflection and perspective. There are numerous photographs of elephants and turtles lounging in and out of the water. Frans successfully catches their reflections in the somehow ripple-free water, making the photograph more visually dynamic and altogether interesting. As for his use of perspective, you may have seen a photograph of a water lily before, but have you ever seen it from the perspective of a crab on the ocean floor? Frans Lanting has an innate ability to peaceably photograph nature without startling it in the least.


~ by lr0676a on February 17, 2009.

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