Photo Essay: Prefrat

This photo essay chronicles the night of a typical college girl. She exerts major effort to get ready to go out to a frat. She showers, brushes her teeth, puts on tights, slips into a skin tight dress, straps on some stilettos and makes up her face. She then proceeds to get wasted and ends up with her well-groomed face in the toilet.


~ by lr0676a on February 10, 2009.

One Response to “Photo Essay: Prefrat”

  1. your write up sounds a little cynical….!

    good job – tells the story (would have liked to have seen a ‘party’ shot. the two people doing shots doesnt quite give us enough for that part of the sequence). but i would suggest emphasizing some things by getting in close. the make up for example, an extreme CU of her doing lipstick or eyeliner… the drinking a medium CU of her face while she gets the shot down…. a CU of her putting on the heels framed a little off balance. i think there’s alot of potential here that we’re not quite getting. we also go from shot to passed out. a drunk image wouldnt be bad as a transition.

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