Photo Review

This famous, easily recognizable photo was taken by Steve McCurry in Afghanistan, and was subsequently used for the cover of an installment of National Geographic magazine. When this photo was taken, the woman pictured was preparing a meal for Afghani freedom fighters, while pregnant with her tenth child, which can perhaps explain the intensity in her eyes. In fact as I write this now, I find myself caught in a staring contest with the photos subject. Aside from her eyes, I believe that the color palette is the next best part. Complementary colors, red and green, are virtually the only colors in this portrait, aside from the girl’s face and hair. The basic composition of this photo is aesthetically pleasing. There is only one thing to look at in this picture, but I think that is a good thing because would anyone honestly, would anyone being looking at the action in the background of this picture if there was one. Although this photo is quite simplistic, it is extremely powerful.


~ by lr0676a on February 10, 2009.

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