Sonic Advertisement Review

This photograph is an advertisement for Sonic, the rarely found, yet popular fast food restaurant. This particular advertisement is a photograph of your average commercial flight, presumably in coach. The focus of this photo being the man sitting in the front row sandwiched between two mothers and their crying children. With a closer look, one notices that all the passengers in the seats behind him also happen to agitated mothers with hair in disarray and baby in hand. This man’s current situation is any common flyers worst nightmare realized, but with a chocolate Sonic milkshake in hand, this man is in a state of euphoria. Maintaining the little elbow room he has left, this man has a smile stretched wide across his face as if he’s in his own little plastic bubble, completely oblivious to his unappealing surroundings.

This advertisement is aesthetically pleasing. The man, who is obviously the focus, sits front and center, taking up about a third of the shot. The photographer successfully made this advertisement all about the man in the middle. All the babies look either hysterical or discontent, whilst the mothers look haggard. Everything in this ad seems to be working. The message is clear; drink sonic milkshakes and you wont have a care in the world.

The only thing that I would add to the picture as an advertiser would be some information about the restaurant. It is clearly for Sonic, but there is no deal, discount or gimmick to pull in a potential customer. I would also turn the Sonic cup slightly in the man’s hand so that the logo is more centered and clear to any browsing a magazine.


~ by lr0676a on February 3, 2009.

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