Youtube Review

The video is called GPS Voices. The video opens with two guys sitting in the front seats of an SUV. The boy sitting shotgun who dons a striped sweatshirt, starts off some dialog by making overly excited exclamations about the car owners new GPS system. The driver explains that the GPS comes with all these crazy voices. The camera pans down to the GPS to reveal a complicated looking system, consisting of numerous unmarked black buttons. As they drive out of the parking lot they decide to try out the crazy voices that come with the GPS. The voices include ones such as; dad, kid who swears he’s been here before, group of girls, townie, step-dad, drill sergeant, kid, horror movie car mate and drunk guy.

Overall, it’s an amusing video. Hilarity does not ensue, but I giggled a bit. The GPS looks pretty legitimate, the camera work is sound, and its edited cleanly. My favorite part of the video is when the “step-dad” voice is being used in the GPS. In a deep, manly voice, the GPS tells the driver to “turn right” and then follows it up with a reluctant, stereotypical “…son…” The closing to the short was concise, and amusing. The “drunk guy” setting steers them in the wrong direction and they end up crashing. However, after they crash the drunk guy announces that he wants to get some Wendy’s and then the film ends. Although it was abrupt, it was a cute way to bring the clip to a close.

The acting, was not so awesome. Granted, all the actors really had to do was sit there and look awkward and scream on occasion, but I don’t think they brought much to the table. If I was in control of the video I would have had the actors tune down the overacting.


~ by lr0676a on January 27, 2009.

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